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              Professional Historians Association


              The Professional Historians Association (Queensland) represents qualified historians who are professionally employed or commissioned to undertake paid historical work.

              PHA (Qld) is also a member of the national body, Professional Historians Australia.

              This website provides useful information about PHA (Qld) including a brief summary of the objectives of PHA (Qld), its activities, code of ethics, and a recommended scale of fees.

              For those wishing to join PHA (Qld), the criteria for membership and annual fees can be found on the membership page.

              Useful websites and information to assist historians in their work can be found on the resources page.

              Should you wish to contact us directly, please refer to the contact page.

              BECOME A MEMBER

              Joining PHA Queensland as a member gives you to access a range of benefits and services.

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              EMPLOY A HISTORIAN

              Find out how the unique skills of a professional, accredited historian can help bring your story to life.

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              PHA QLD MEMBERS

              Access information about our members, including our Member Directory to help you locate a suitable historian.

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              Work that relies on the input of historical information is best placed in the hands of an accredited professional historian to ensure that it is accurate, detailed and complete.

              Recording your history contributes to a better understanding of our society and our world.?It is a tangible way of preserving and sharing the story of your school, business, company, charity, church, union, community group, local or regional council, government department, family or local area.

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              PHA Qld member Peter Ludlow be presenting to the newly formed Redlands branch of the National Trust an updated presentation of his recent work The History Behind the Horseshoe – 2019. Peter will

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              PHA member Timothy Roberts has  recently consolidated three years of research in a new paper “Portrait of an artist: rediscovering Rose Blakemore”, published in the February 2019 edition of Australiana. The text expands

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